Order Authentication

Here you can query your order information with ipasspay.com through the 'Order ID' and 'Token' sent to your email after payment.And help us to understand the charge was indeed authorized by the cardholder.

Quering Information

Please note:

  • Normally,we strongly recommend that you reach your merchants directly when you're suspicious of your order.
  • Of course,if you can't get any response from your merchants,or you definitely haven't authorized the order,as the merchant's payment service provider,we're very pleased to help you to handle your issues.
  • Believe us that we can even help to refund the order if the merchants don't provide the correct the goods or service,so you don't have to file a chargeback or encounter any loss of credits and funds.
  • You can leave message here or just contact us via email: support@ipasspay.com,our staff will reach you soon.