Affiliates Program

Affiliates Program

Perhaps you've heard a lot about the affiliates program like this: You send us a merchant,you will be paid 100 USD;and when you send us 5 merchants or more,you will get double commssion,or something else similar.But believe me,this is unfair.To think you have some good merchants with pretty good volume,but it's none of your business at all after you reach them to us,you will definitely feel frustated,won't you?

***Forget all what you've heard about affiliates program,let's start to fresh your mind and enjoy our complete new and lifelong 'Affiliates program' here at Become an Affiliate today: No Cost, No Obligation, and Daily Payouts(Have to reach the min withdrawal amount).***

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We allow the following two plans for the different clients

We allow the following two plans for the different clients

Plan 1. With strong tech ability

With our competitive fee structure and flexible API, you can build a complete dedicated credit card processing system with your own brand.Then you can do the marketing and attract your merchants.To merchants who use your service, you're a merchant account provider.Isn't it cool?

You can customize your own fee structure for your merchants.For any other tasks like contract, compliance,API integration, processing transactions, clearing funds(if not easy, we can help) and so on, you also do it in your own way.Just remember, you're a dedicated merchant account provider now, like us!

Maybe then the rest left between us is only tech and funds communication.

This is the most powerful affiliates program ever we can provide now,before that,you still need to remember, although we won't touch directly with your merchants,the websites and business type should be submitted to us before you can process credit cards with them.To keep our merchant account stable and secure,also help us getting a long-term and pleasure cooperation,this is mandatory for you.

Plan 2. Without tech ability

No tech support ? It doesn't matter.Our software engineer has already prepared a reseller account for you. Best of all, you do not have to do any work to earn commissions. We handle all of the sales, customer service, tech and billing. The only thing you have to do is sending your merchants to us, and we do the rest.Of course,if you can come to a final contract with your merchants,you still can define the fee structure yourself.
Our reseller account allows affiliates to earn commssion from the following fee structure:

  • Buy rate
  • Refund fee
  • Chargeback fee
  • Fixed fee
  • Withdrawl fee
  • Even set up fee
As long as your merchants send volume,you will be always getting commission,and you can request to clear the funds to your designated bank account with disignated currency.By the way,you also can check your benefits,your merchants and your merchants' transactions with our reseller account.No greater,right?

Interested?Then email us at as fast as you can.

Interested?Then email us at as fast as you can.

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