Fees and Rates

Fees and Rates

What do you pay?

(Currency: USD )

Buy Rate(MDR)2.8% ~ 18%
Setup Fee499.00
Chargeback Fee40.00
Pre-dispute Fee40.00
Fixed Charges1.00 or lower
Withdrawal Fee40.00
Rolling Reserve10%
Settlement Cycle7days ~ 30days

Let’s see free items.

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Application FeeFree
Refund FeeFree
Monthly FeeFree
Anual FeeFree
24/7Tech SupportFree
Platform UseFree
Compliance CheckFree
Closing AccountFree

Your final fees and rates are determined by following key factors:

Your final fees and rates are determined by following key factors:

Transaction Volume

Business Type

Processing History

Chargeback Ratio

Settlement Currency

Compliance Documents

If the solutions here still cannot meet your needs
Please contact us for more information at: compliance@ipasspay.com


Please Note

Please Note

Fixed Charges

Only charge when transaction get approved

Rolling reserve

Will be returned to your balance after 180 days for all merchant accounts

Fast Settlement

With the method of circulation settlement, merchant can be settled by daily to get cash flow quickly.

Settlement Cycle

To prevent the risk from high risk business, we usually will set a relatively long settlement cycle for those merchants who have no processing history or who have pretty high chargeback ratio and low volume.

Settlement ROE

Our settlement ROE(Rate of exhcange) refers to the Cash Selling Rate.Please check the details Here.However the actual ROE we're taking will be increased by 1.5% to 2.5%.

Conversion Charge

Your customers will be charged a bit more than original price due to currency conversion.If the customer's local currency of credit card does not match the Business owner's account, they may be charged another currency exchange fee by the issuing bank.We're sorry for the inconvenience caused.